Haunted House Party

Haunted House Party

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  • 25 pairs of earrings
  • 4 hooks & 2 clip-ons
  • Silver metallic foil & hardware
Wickedly witchy pop out earrings to prepare for your next goth party.

Illustrated by Alison Hawkins

The third book in the paranormal collection

25 pairs of spooky earrings featuring silver metallic foil, 4 wire hooks and 2 clip ons.

For séances & dance parties

Embrace your inner-goth and party till the sun comes up.

A show to remember

Join the Super Sassy Friends as they explore a haunted house looking for Alien's favorite band.

The Complete Paranormal Collection

The Complete Paranormal Collection

Regular price$75.95

Proudly made of paper

Light as a feather
For all day wearability
Safe for sensitive ears
With 4 wire hooks & 2 clip-ons
Better for Mother Earth
100% certified sustainable paper
Compliments guaranteed
Hope you like making friends!